James Larson

James Larson is truly a free-spirited singer/songwriter, who is a bit of a renaissance man, with no particular place to call home, travelling and living off the ways of his free spirit and sharing his music along the way.

Born by the Mississippi River near Minneapolis, Wisconsin and had the wanderlust for travel and music in his blood from his early beginnings. Larson talks of his early influences of music, “During my early years, I realized I had a tune in my ear and a piano playing at all times; I would always hear my mother and sister playing and singing in Church.”

Singing in school choirs, both in grade school (Monroe Elementary in Minneapolis) and High School (in Waubay, South Dakota where the Larsons re-located) James Larson discovered he excelled in English along with a new found love of poetry. This was the base that built his skills as a talented songwriter.

As fate would have it, Larson was drafted to Vietnam, but upon his return one of his songs was recorded by Reba MaIntyre, and then the doors of Nashville flew wide open. Several up and coming stars record my songs from Julie Richardson, Michael Lusk and Lance Miller, who recorded a song called “The Fireman” which stayed on many independent chats as wildfires ravaged the American West and Canada. The song actually went to #1 on the Cashbox Indie Chart and stayed there for 18 months.”  

“I spend my time now travelling and writing songs about my day to day experiences, although I am a seasoned singer/songwriter I truly feel that the best is yet to come.”

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