Wes Brown

 Got my first guitar when I was nine years old for my birthday, I ended up quitting my first and only guitar lesson I went to. It was real boring and to much like school so i quit and put the ole six string in the closet. It wasn't long after that I saw Garth Brooks the dance and he was sitting on a stool playing his guitar and I said I can do that, So I got my guitar out the closet and started teaching myself how to play, I come to learn that I have a God given talent and I give him all the glory for everything that's happening lately. I want to tell all the fan's out there I love y'all and with out you guy's none of this would be happening. I'm going to continue to give a hundred percent to this dream of mine that I have been chasing my whole life, and even if I never make it to the Big Stage per-say well it won't be from a lack of trying , Once again to all the true Wes Brown fan's around the world, THANK Y'ALL SO MUCH- Wes Brown